SHS 1958 Trivia Contest

Keeper of the Trivia: Will Howarth


  1. Room divided into 6 teams, with the names 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  2. To answer, team calls its name to be recognized. He/She who calls must answer the question.
  3. Correct answer: +1 point; Incorrect: -1 point.
  4. Bonus questions: the team may consult for its answer.
  5. Winning team receives a free drink from the bar.

1954-55: Freshman Year


During our freshman year, who were these people? Bill McQueen, Joella Bangert, Bob Bradford, Elaine Coady? (officers of the Senior class of 1955)

One of our fellow 58s had a sister in '55 who was: President of Student Council, Editor of the Capitoline, winner of the DAR award, and member of the NHS. 2 points: Who was this wonder woman, and who is her brother? (Sue and Charley Buchheit)

2 points: Who were our class officers that year? (George Bunn, Kay King, Dana Furry, Ann Tobin. (1 point for each 2 names)

2 points: Who were the freshmen reps on student council? (Scott Wike, Sharon Tietz, Jo Ankeny, Janet Beardsley. Bonus: who was the faculty advisor? (Mary Carmody)


Trick question: Of the two boy's social clubs, Delphics and Wranglers, which had the higher grade point average? (Delphics) And why? (nobody had dates). Just kidding.

What did the following initials meant? GAA (Girls Athletic Association)

Who was a GAA officer in her freshman year? (Betsy Mylroie)

Besides Betsy, name 2 other freshman members? (Sue Erskine, Laurel Loibl, Sue Ervin, Judy Ratner, Elaine Cummings, Laurel Loibl, Jan Giuffre, Delores Mason, Judy Walsh)

Name 2 freshmen in Future Nurses who later became nurses (Mary Houghton, Judy Vicars)

3 points: What was Cafeteria Council? Name 2 freshman on it? (John Stapleton, Mike McDaniel, John Maloney, Phil Felber, Fred Konrad, Linda Goodwin, Harriet Smith)


In our freshman year, who was the leader of Advanced Band? (G. W. Patrick)

Who was the drum major? Larry Darling. The student director? Bill Gooch

2 points: Name 4 freshman members of Advanced Band: Dennis Carroll, Stephen Kwedar, Martin Hager, Henry Vermillion, Allan Stephens, Bob Antonini, Bill Ice, Alan Kennedy, Jerry Johnson, Stephen Dilts, Bill Profrock, Dale Jeffers, Chuck Harmon, Harry Hyndman, Gerry Burnett.

Which of those freshmen later became a band leader and teacher? (Allan Stephens)

Who was the leader of A Cappella Choir? (Margaret Hausen)

2 points: What were the other two choir groups? (Junior Choir, Girls' Choir)


2 points: Who was the head football coach that year? (John Turner) Who was his assistant? (Willard Duey)

The 1954 football season ended with a record of 5-4, the first winning season in 3 years. Name one team we beat: Feitshans, Cathdral, Bloomington, Lincoln, Streator.

Who was the freshman football coach that year? (John Sowinski)

3 parts: Name members of the freshman football team who later became: an attorney in Chicago (Champ Davis), a doctor in Louisiana (Lee Leonard), an engineer in Boston (Bob Eggleston).

What 2 boys in our class ran on the varsity x-country team? (Dave Kobes, Bob Newell)

What 2 girls were on the cheerleading squad? (Janet Beardsley, Ruth Lance)

In the 54-55 basketball season, who was the head coach? (Herb Scheffler)

Bonus: how many more years did he coach after that? (none)

We had two freshmen basketball teams, A and B. Which one had a higher winning percentage? (A: 14-4, B: 8-1)

Bonus: who coached that freshman team? (Albie Plain)

2 points: who were the managers? (Floyd Walgren, Tom Brosch, Kenneth Speer)

Who coached the track team? (John Turner)

Who coached the baseball team? (Herb Scheffler) the freshman baseball team? (Ray Page)

What freshman played on the varsity tennis team? (John Harrison)

Who was the varsity golf team coach? (Mark Peterman)

3 points: Over 1/3rd of the varsity golf team that year were freshmen: name 3 of them (Arnold Myerstein, Dave Dodge, Roy Borg, Don Arenz, Keith Schnepp, Mike Podshadley, Harold Skelton, Stuart Brown, Chick Delano.

1955-56: Sophomore Year


Who were our sophomore class officers? (Lew Striebeck, Pat Flamm, Carolyn Baldwin, Steve Dilts)


Who was the principal? (Robert Furry) the vice-principal? (John Turner)

Name 3 teachers from the English department (Graham, Body, Wilson, Borah, Fogarty (I/P), Boughton, Black, Sellers, Lamson, Riggin)

3 points: Who were the 3 teachers of Latin? (Ihlenfeldt, McPhillimey, Blatt)

Bonus: how many Latin teachers work at SHS today? (1, Mrs. Sazh-kah, who teaches 1 course for each of the 4 years)

Who taught the sophomore geometry classes? (Campbell, Parker, Mason, Clapper)

In today's curriculum, what has replaced trigonometry? (Statistics)

In the '55 yearbook, what sophomore seems to be teaching a class in world history? (hint: she later became a teacher: Janet Beardsley)

Who taught sophomore Biology? Ashinhust, Woods, Scheffler.


A new team, Sophomore Football, appeared. Who was the coach? (Hilligoss)

The team had a winning record of 4-2. What were the two losses? (both to Fietshans)

Four sophomores joined the cheerleading squad: who? (Janet Beardsley, Nancy Davis, Ruth Lance, Jo Meiers)

One sophomore played varsity basketball: who? (John Stapleton)

Who was the new varsity basketball coach? (Ray Page)


What new publication appeared this year? (The Senator Speaks)

Bonus: was it really new (a revival, from the pre WW2 years)

What sophomore boy was the Sports Editor? (Lew Striebeck)

Who were the sophomore reps to Student Council? (Striebeck, Wike, Buchheit, Beardsley, Tietz, Howarth, Ankeny)

What sophomore served on the Assembly Committee? (Robert White)

2 points: What were Les Bas and Philos? (Literary, social, charitable societies.)

Could sophomore girls get in? (Jr LB, 3.5 average; Philos soph with passing grades)

What was the Junior Class Play that year? (The Skin of our Teeth)

Who wrote it? (Thornton Wilder)

Name 2 sophomores in the cast: Allan Stephens, Steve Kwedar

Name 2 sophomores in the Boy's Quartet (Fred Konrad, Joe Hill)

1956-57: Junior Year


Sadly, 2 members of the faculty died in our junior year: who were they? (Isabel Fogarty, William Spengler (math: taught only 3 months)

3 points: In the yearbook, a picture on the Math faculty page shows 3 juniors who are measuring tinker-toy structures: who are they? (Mike Newby, Tony Smith, Sharon Tietz)


Who were our junior class officers? (Fred Konrad, Lynda Bradley, Jo Ankeny, Jo Meiers)

Who were 3 juniors on the All-City Student Council? (Striebeck, Ankeny, Howarth) A stellar year!!


What 3 juniors are members of the Projectionists Club? (Chick Delano, Bill Downing, Kim Funk)

Who were 3 juniors in the Rifle Club? (Bill Newman, Mike Podshadley, Ed Weiskopf)

Who were 2 juniors in Diversified Occupations? (Roy Borg, Charles Harmony)

What juniors were on the Homecoming court? (Ruth Lance, Fred Konrad; Janet Beardsley, Bill Irwin

What juniors were on the May Festival court? (Jo Ankeny, Janet Beardsley)


On the varsity baseball team, who were the two junior catchers? (John Dunn, Jack Matlack)

Name 3 juniors on the varsity basketball team: Doug Proctor, Ron Wilson, Bob Hails, Bob Willis, Dick Hoke, Jack Billington

That team was 19-12 for the season: how far did it go in state competition? (Sweet 16)

Name 3 juniors on the golf team: Chick Delano, Jim Rollman, Jack Mitchell, Keith Schnepp, Jeff Schilsky

Name 2 juniors on the girls' golf team: Ann Tobin, Judy McCarty, Mary Kay Zook.

Bonus: who was the coach? Miss Margie Hinkle

1957-58: Senior Year


Who were our senior officers? Bob Newell, Jack Billington, Jo Meiers, Denny Carroll

Where did Jo Ankeny and Lew Striebeck spend the summer of 1957 and why? (Denmark, Norway, AFS)

That same summer, what cities did the McKinney-Burnett Express visit? (DC, NY)


Who were the 4 guidance counselors? Tozer, Scheffler, Hager, Hausen.

Bonus: what good (or bad) advice did they give you?

Miss Zimmerman held 4 different jobs. Name 2: (librarian, assistants, cheerleaders, ushers)


What dynamic young man joined the English department? (Jack Leckel)

What was his main achievement? (expanded Drama Club; won 1st in district)

What was the play that won? (Antigone)

Bonus: who wrote it? (originally Sophocles; this version is by Jean Anouilh)

Bonus: name 2 cast members (Leslie Wright, Mike Podshadley, Gary Wilson, Sue Ellen Sergel, Dodie Mason)

What was the Drama Club's Senior play? (Gold in the Hills, or the Dead Sister's Secret)

What group put on a production of Mister Roberts? (Wranglers?)

Who was Homecoming Queen? (Janet Beardsley) and her King? (Bill Irwin)

Who was Prom Queen? (Jo Ankeny)

Bonus: what was the prom theme? (Song of the South)

Why did Lew Striebeck get to introduce and kiss all the Queens? (He was class president)

Who ran the "calorie counter" in the cafeteria, selling ice cream and candy bars? (Floyd Walgren)

Bonus: what was the most disgusting treat he made? (marshmallow fluff sundae)


Who was the new choir director? (Dan Sprecklemeyer)

He created a new boy's chorus: what was its name? (Singing Senators)

4 points: name 4 senior members: Streight, Golladay, Hails, Seppi, Brunsman, Walgren, Hill, Lutes, Newby, Brownback, Brosch, Ice, Downs, Jeffers

4 points: What seniors were in the Singing Seven? (Vicars, Mylroie, Blue, Lott, Baldwin)


4 points: Considering both male and female achievements, how did SHS do in the 1958 state basketball tournament? (Team: Sweet 8; Cheerleaders: sportsmanship trophy, champions; Jo Ankeny: tournament queen)

3 points: name 3 seniors on the team: Bob Hails, Joe Patrick, Dick Hoke, Doug Proctor, Jack Billington, John Linxwiler, Bob Willis

Who was captain? (Jack Billington)

Bonus: how did the 1959 team do? (They won the state championship)


Who was editor of The Senator Speaks? (Tom Brydges)

Who was sports editor? (Joe Patrick)

Who were co-editors of the Capitoline? (Nancy Guy, John Harrison)

Bonus: how many Reunions have they attended? (none)

Who edited the senior pictures and captions? (Joann Grove, Pat Stein)

1958: General Knowledge


Team that won World Series was trailing 3-1 but ended 4-3. Who? (NY Yankees)

What pro farm team played in Springfield? (The Springfield Brownies)

In what league did they play? Triple I League

Who was their parent team? St. Louis Browns


In 1957, Russia put up the first earth satellite: what was it called? (Sputnik)

Bonus: In 1958, America put up its first earth satellite? Name? (Explorer)

Chrysler introduced a new feature: "auto-pilot". What do we call it today? (cruise control)


What state joined the Union? (Alaska)

Who was elected President of France? (Charles de Gaulle)

Who overthrew the dictator Juan Batista? (Fidel Castro)

Who became president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters? (James Hoffa)

One Pope dies, a new one ascends: what were their names? (Pius XII, John XXIII)

Show Business

Who entered the Army, via local draft board 86 in Memphis? (Elvis)

Who won the finals of the Tchaikovsky piano competition? (Van Cliburn, 1st American)

Bonus: what did he play? (The Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3)

Star marriage: Paul and Joanne (Newman, Woodward)

Star divorce: Eddie and Debbie (Fisher, Reynolds)

Name that movie: Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman, with southern accents (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

What new term emerged to describe fans of jazz, poetry, and bongos? (beatnik)

Bonus: who coined the term? Herb Caen, columnist of the SF Chronicle

Academy Award: Best Picture of the Year? Bridge over the River Kwai.

The Wonder Horse retired: what is his name? (Trigger)

Who was Miss America? (Marilyn Van Derbur) Bonus: what state? (Denver, CO)

Top Songs: who were the artists?

At the Hop (Danny and the Juniors)

Tom Dooley (The Kingston Trio)

Who's Sorry Now? (Connie Francis)

It's All in the Game (Tommy Edwards)

Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry)

Yakety Yak (The Coasters)

Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu a/k/a Volare (Domenico Modugno)

Bonus: what honors did it win? 1st Grammy awards: Top Record; Song of the Year.

Top Jazz Performers (Downbeat Magazine)

Flute? (Herby Mann) Alto Sax? (Paul Desmond) Quartet? (MJQ)

Top TV Shows: name someone from the cast

Gunsmoke: Jim Arness,

The Rifleman: Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford

77 Sunset Strip: Efrem Zimalist, Jr. Ed Kookie Byrnes

Wanted: Dead or Alive (Steve McQueen)

Father Knows Best (Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Billy Gray)

Top Books

Nobel Prize for Literature? Boris Pasternak, Doctor Zhivago

Pulitzer Prize for Letters? James Agee, A Death in the Family

NY Critics' Circle Award for Best Musical? The Music Man

Local Media

Name 3 downtown Springfield movie theaters

Name 3 newspapers in Springfield that covered local news

Name the call letters of 3 radio stations heard in Springfield (WCVS, WTAX, WMAI)

Name 3 comic strips of that are still going; now defunct


How much was first-class postage? 3-4 cents Air mail? 6-7 cents (both raised that year)

What was the average cost of an LP record album? (1.29)

Name 3 candy bars that began with the letters A, B, and C: Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, Clark Bar

A new substitute for sugar appears on the market: what's it called? (Sweet n' Low)

Women wear a loosely-fitting dress: what is it called? (sack, chemise)

What new circular toy became a huge fad, sold round the world? (hula hoop)

What company issues the first credit card for charging travel and hotel expenses? (Am Express)