Our Gift to SHS

Between March and June of 1998, the Class of 1958 raised $12,000 to contribute to SHS, which the school used to update its computer lab.

We did this to mark our 40th Reunion, to help SHS improve its facilities, and to remember friends and teachers who made our years at SHS so memorable.

We hope that other alumni classes will keep this new tradition going!

To see our gift in action, visit the SHS Computer Lab, where the school has posted a thank you to the 58s and also a panoramic view of the new computers.

Many thanks to all Contributors!



Lenore Ashinhust
Beverly Blue Powell
Lorene Campbell
Guy Krummel
Mary Virginia Lamson
Janet Hanson Murphy


Michael Nation (2)
William Robertson
Dan Spreckelmeyer (2)
Gary Wilson
Ruth M. Woods



Charlie Adams
Jo Ankeny Lindamood
Janet Bailey Kerner
Debbie Baker
Carolyn Baldwin Quinlan
Janet Baldwin Kramer
Janet Beardsley Johnson
Jack Billington
Ray Bluhm
Tom Brosch
Bonnie Bruce Baker
Bob Brunsman
Tom Brydges
Charles Buchheit
George Bunn
Dennis Carroll
Bob Carter
Pete Casper
Champ Davis
Nancy Davis Henrichs
Tom Downs
Bob Eggleston
Susan Ervin
Pat Flamm Crowner
Nancy Fromm Dunham
Marvin Gardner
Nick Graebel
Shirley Green Canavit
Judith S. Guy Soady
Bob Hamende
Leslie Heineke Sandlin 
Kristen Hockenyos Tipps
Dick Hoke
Andy Holman 
Will Howarth 
Mary Howarth
Dorothy Huddleston Fitzgerald
Harry Hyndman
Bill Ice
Bill Irwin  
Larry Jabusch
Dale Jeffers
Alan Kennedy
Mike Kesler
Sandra Knecht Shipman


Dave Kobes
Fred Konrad
Ruth Lance Gore
Lee Leonard
Lee Lochbaum
Gay Logan Mantle
Joe Manuele
Beverly Maulding Berry
Marti McAllister Reichman
Judy McGaw Lewis
Arnold Myerstein 
Jerry Millhon
Betsy Mylroie Yamasaki
Harvey Najim
Bob Newell
Virginia Newell
Gary Oline
Mary Pearson Perkins
Libbie Peterson Miller
Rosabelle Rasmussen
Jeanne Robertson Coronado
Taavo Saviste
Jay Schien Kramer
Keith Schnepp
Judy Sink Scott
Sylvia Sharp
Bob Shewmaker
Harriet Smith Sidoli
Phil Spengler
Delores Squires Benedict
John Stapleton
Pat Stein McPheters
Allan Stephens
Mike Stephenson
Lewis Striebeck
John Stuckey
Judy Taylor Weaver
Stan Thomas
Elizabeth Tinsley Alexander
Judy Vicars Van Hagen
Bob Wicks
Ron Wilson
John Yarbrough