Makeover Day

 Debbie Baker gets a "million dollar makeover" from makeup artist Joyce Robitaille and is featured in the October 12, 1998, issue of STAR magazine.

Debbie is an attorney who works for a non-profit agency and usually wears jeans and baggy tops, according to STAR.

Way to go, Deb!

Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 01:28:38 EDT
To: howarth@Princeton.EDU
Subject: celebrity classmate!

October 5, 1998

Dear Will,

Here's a hot item for the '58 web page -- I've got two pages in the
10/13 double issue of The Star (supermarket tabloid). The layout is headed
"Million Dollar Makeovers" and starts on page 18. It's on the newsstands
starting today.

Linda Arroz, who I met through my women's networking group, is a
fashion stylist for print and TV, and she asked me if I wanted to be in a
makeover article. Why not? It was lots of fun to do, complete with celebrity

I haven't seen the article yet -- have to rush out tomorrow and buy 20 copies.
Reminds me of the song about being on the cover of The Rolling Stone: "gonna
buy 5 copies for my mother."

Hope you had a great trip.

Debbie B.